Private Label

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We are a one stop shop vendor that offers a private label program focused on speed. We design and manufacture the products, create a customer retail experience, and deliver results that generate meaningful revenue in record timing.

We work with brands to create private label expreinces to offer their customers unbeatable quality and value. We can create your own custom app and packaging and delived a seamless end-customer expreince. 

Design, App, & Packaging

We deliver the full product solution so you can focus on growing your sales. Design new products that work with our software, customize your app so you can esily add more products, and package each product with focus on creating a positive customer expereince.

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We design custom product solutions based on your brands guideline.

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We white lable our app to fit your product line and brand story.

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We create custom packaging solutions based on the retaier needs.

Create Value

We know your end customers. We create custom bundles to offer value to your customers and elevate your sales.

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Voice and Lighting

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Voice and Video

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Complete Smart Home

Reach out to discuss the how we can work with you.

Why ZON?

We save you money and time to launch smart products to market in record time.

Speed to Market
We developed the technology to work the right way. You can leverage months and years of development time to hit the market sooner.

Approachable Pricing
We are innovators and problem solvers. We started ZON to make smart homes acessible so all customers can afford the conveniance.

Estabilshed Partnerships
With Google, Amazon and our coud partners, we deliver both voice asstants and IoT in a streamlined user expreince

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We’ve made it realy easy to bring smart products to market. Reach out to start a discussion. Learn more about our private lable capabilities.

If this is a general inquiry, please reach us here.

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