Our Mission

We manufacture simple connected products that makes any home smart. With Zon Products your home can be controlled by voice, smartphone, or automatically by interconnecting devices that make life more accessible, safe and secure. Our products are easy to install and set-up using one app. Allowing customers to turn their home into a voice controllable home.

Our mission is to make smart homes mainstream. So all home owners have accessibility, safety, and security!

Acessible, Safe, & Secure

We focus on a wide range of product capabilities to offer customers controll,  automate, and monitor their homes.


Automate lighting, devices, and more remotely via the ZON APP or directly by controlling them with Amazon or Google Voice assistant built-in. 


Monitor your environment and protect from flood, mold, fire and gas leaks with interconnected smart sensors. View activity on your smartphone.


Secure your home from intruders with ZON interconnected cameras, locks, and video doorbells. Give entry access remotely via your smartphone.

Our Moto

"Smart Should be Simple"

We belive that “smart” should be simple, and we have designed our products to be easy to install, set-up and use. 

Our Partners

We’ve established strong relationships with best Voice Assistant and smart home cloud comapnies to offer reliable service and user expreince.

Google Assistant

We’ve partnered with Google to deliver the Google Voice Assistant directly from our smart speakers.


Amazon Alexa Assistant

We’ve partnered with Amazon to deliver the Alexa Voice Assistant directly from our smart speakers.

Tuya Coud Platform

We’ve partnered with Tuya to offer reliable, safe and secure IoT functionality in all or our products.

Wholesale & Private Label

We focus on a wide range of product capabilities to offer customers controll and convenience of their homes. We listen to your business needs and create products offerings and experiences to execute on your buiness objectives sucessfully. 


 We offer wholesale programs to drive value to your business. Mainstreamed buying process with support in creating reatil expreinces with PDQs, CDUs, and feature plannograms.

Private Labe

Private lable programs to deferentiate your offerings. We handle it all, from product design, packaging, app, and more. We can create a retail expreince to make your brand stand out.